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Welcome to Fragile Dreams! Browse around and enjoy what you find! If you're looking for the TCG stuf go here!


May 22nd 2008

I'm not dead! Just haven't been entirely motivated to update anything lately. Soooo today I'll be doing some cleaning. Here and on the other sites. Most specifically my TCG collective. That place is a hot raging mess! Gah what a pain in the ass to organize though. >_< But it has to be done!

October 26th 2007

Updated TCG Hall of Fame. The links actually WORK now. xD

Added Hide and Seek; go visit! xD I also updated Meow. Only because I messed up and deleted the gallery and had to re-upload the whole thing and gah drama. >_< But it's as it was before I messed it up.

August 07th 2007

4 months since the last update. What has happened in those 4 months? I don't remember. o_O All I know I was internetless for the past 2 or so.

First off new layout! Features Grimmy and Ulqui from BLEACH fame. Ah yes they are both love. I saw this color page and thought, "Yea they so wanna do each other." It's the fan girl in me.

Next we have fabulous news! 2 new hostees! Yay! Big welcome to TC and Silver! 1 new affiliate. Used to be a hostee now she's left the nest. T_T Usio! Visit her site I say! xD

What else...Oh yea! 2 new sites will be making an appearance in the incoming months! An avatar/wallpaper site dedicated to my favorite singer Namie Amuro and a manga site dedicated to Fairy Tail! Please look forward to them both! Also this place is gonna get a revamp soon. I'll be adding random things. Look forward to that too!

That's it! Be sure to check back! Something new will be added every other day. ^__^

P.S. If you wanna help out in making Namie Amuro avatars/wallpapers please do so!

April 30th

Finally set up the official homepage. I was lazy and didn't want to code this layout. If you're looking for my TCG page you could find it here. :D

Anyways, isn't this image just gorgeous?! I was browsing thorugh the Aethreality Galleries and came upon this and and thought, "WOW! FATAL FRAME!" I know it's not an image for the game but it has a similiar theme. Red Kimono and butterflies. If you're familiar with Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly you know what I'm talking about.

I'll be popping in and out of here to add stuff and such.